quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2009

Rock is my Life!!!!!

And so...Is the life!!!

and not a dream!!!!

sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

Today, tomorrow,yesterday!!!

Sometimes I think like I´m not here

I feel like a grain of sand in the desert

In the nigth looking at the moonligth I dream...

I cry, I feel,I scream

And my tears are so sad and bitter

My cry is so lonly and dark

And my scream is mute...

Nobody hear me, nobody is here to hold me

The things of my life make me cry

Sometimes I feel sadness and happiness in the same time

Sometimes I see shadows and shine in the same time...

How to explain ?

I don´t know!!

But I´m living...Today with many persons, tomorrow without them...

And so is the life cicle, change everyday...

And I´ll doing my history...

Searching, learning, teaching and walking in the life road!!!!!


quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2009


Set as:

and many hours to cure the disease

and other pain

relief is immediate

and it martyrdom,

joy of living eternal suffering for many,

is calm at the end rain in the afternoon

storm in cold dark night in

light at the end of the tunnel

darkness amidst the light of day Start,

end, half of what

Anger, appetite, horror, tears Smile, hug,


Blade that cuts without mercy

Hand that pet with affection

Forbidden desire for many

heart open to others

is everything and nothing

Paixao sick and inquest

Pure and sincere feeling

Lie, perdition Truth ......

and so you set ... LOVE

My feelings***

Sometimes i feel like I don´t have friends
Like my only friend is the dark nigth
Sometimes I fee like my heart are hurted
Like a hand hold It and hurt It....
Sometimes I feel my life is over....
Like my only joy, is to writte and writte day by day....
Sometimes I feel, like I found a pot of gold...
And in the same time this pot of gold go away from me...
I close my eyes and dream...
Dream with a new day , a nee nigth, a neu sunshine...
I dream with a sweet life , with smiles, with cats, roses , beaches.....
I dream with a new tomorrow...
A new tomorrow together the person like I love...
A person who knows me be happy
who knows my faults
who know accept the
ands simply say
I´m your love
I am here,